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DIVERSITY PROPS is now offering a payment plan for the Mudtrooper Armour

Mud Trooper Armour

Goggle band clip
Rubber for goggles
Telemetry Unit
Respirator clips
Goggle tensioner

Chest Armour ABS
Back armour ABS
Side vents resin
Collar 3D print
Back boxes Resin
Angled connectors Resin
Biceps ABS
Shoulder bells ABS

Belt boxes From mr Paul

PRICE: 900 EURO (Incl. Shipping (flat fee of 50 EURO and paypal costs 3,4% and Paymentplan setup costs #no further charges will be made))

If you want to join click the button below

The armour will need trimming and paint.

Do I have to pay anything up front?
An initial payment is required. The total amount incl Fee is divided in 5 months..

When am I charged for shipping?
Shipping fees are included in the payment plan

When does my order ship?
The shipping is done when the product is ready, you will get the armour after the first deposit is made. You must take in consideration the production lead time. Lead time is 3-5 weeks before shipment.

Which service is used for the payment plan?
Diversity Props uses Paypal for their payment plan.

What if I miss a payment?
Customers are required to make the payments as scheduled. But if there is something wrong just contact us .

Can I cancel my payment plan?
No you cannot cancel the payment plan when you have the products in your posssession. It is possible to cancel the plan if the order isnt send yet.

Can I enroll an existing pre-order into the Payment Plan?
Sorry, only new pre-orders qualify for the Payment Plan.

Do you charge extra costs on Payment Plan purchases?
We charge a small setup fee including Paypal costs and we add up shipping costs

If you have questions, please contact us here.

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