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Diversity 3D Props is a company situated in the Netherlands. We started 3D printing in 2016 and now we expanded with many printers and a vacuum forming machine. In January 2018 we collaborated with all different kind of suppliers for armour and softparts. So we could increase our product range.

This was the first step to our One Stop Shop concept. So now we service many garrisons in the world. We ship to every country. We make a lot of blasters and our armour range is from R1 and higher.

On the future expansion there is the following on the agenda:

  • Fall out props
  • More Rebel stuff
  • Stargate props

The owner of Diversity Props is Wayne Laagewaard a member of the 501st legion.

Other member that can be named:

Paulo Martins – Custom Force (Painter)

This shop is still in development. I hope you like it


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